3 Tips for Looking After Your Dental Equipment

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It is so important to take measures to look after and properly maintain your dental equipment. Failure to do so could lead to you reducing your overall level of care to your patients, which should be avoided at all costs.

If you regularly look after your equipment, you will quickly notice that the longevity of your equipment will also increase. This will result in reduced expenditure on new equipment which breaks before it should. You should be looking at ways to reduce your dental supplies spend all the time to help maintain profitability in the dental practice.

Here are some tips to follow to properly look after your dental equipment.

dental handpiece repair

Look for the CE Mark

When first using your equipment, we would highly recommend that you check that the equipment has the “CE” mark on it. This ensures that the equipment you have bought has met the regulations for safe usage. This will allow you to use the equipment safely on your patients without it interfering the quality of care that you offer. When the CE mark came into operation in the turn of the century, there was a big reduction in the numbers

When this mark was introduced in the late 1990’s, it resulted in a dramatic decrease in the amount of unsafe equipment that was used by dentists. Patient care levels also increased as a result.

Adhere to the Recommendations Outlined by the Manufacturer

We would highly recommend that you browse the instruction booklet which will likely come with your piece of equipment. The instructions will tell you how to look after your equipment properly. If you don’t do this and follow the maintenance instructions, your warranty could not only be invalidated, but it also puts the safety of patients at risk.

Regular Repairs

For a dental handpiece for example, we would highly recommend that you instruct a handpiece repair company to carry out regular repairs. This will ensure that your equipment lasts for as long as possible.

GPSDent for example offers a handpiece repair service with a very quick turnaround time. This is made possible because of the large stock of parts that they keep to ensure repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. With repairs, there will likely be a warranty of three to six months, depending on the repair being carried out.

Article source: https://feedsportal.com/looking-after-dental-equipment/

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